April 5, 2017

Geography Today 1

Geography Today 1 is written by a highly experienced, bestselling author team. It covers all of the content prescribed for the three core units of the Leaving Certificate Geography syllabus. The Geography Today 1 package includes a student textbook, a free student e-book and a suite of digital resources, including PowerPoints, animations and videos, which are available on www.edcolearning.ie

Student Textbook

  • Accessible, concise and straightforward language suitable for both Higher and Ordinary Level students
  • Student-friendly layout packed with full-colour photographs, diagrams, charts, OSi maps and satellite images
  • New and updated case studies and statistics reflect the changing economic and social developments both in Ireland and abroad, with special reference to developments in the EU
  • Strong emphasis on examination skills, including a section explaining exam terms
  • Exam questions for Higher Level and Ordinary Level are provided at the end of each chapter
  • Additional questions and activities are placed throughout the text to facilitate reflection, class discussion, revision and homework
  • Offers research opportunities to encourage independent learning
  • Clear and concise definitions of key terms
  • Linkages between topics are highlighted where relevant
  • Learning objectives and keywords are provided at the beginning of each chapter
  • End-of-chapter summary charts
  • Major emphasis on geographic skills with separate, comprehensive chapters on Ordnance Survey maps and aerial photographs
  • Maps, bar charts, graphs and pie charts feature throughout the text to familiarise students with the use of illustrations
  • A separate chapter on interpreting graphs is also provided
  • The authors were very conscious of the use of Significant Relevant Points (SRPs) in the presentation of information throughout the text
  • Continuity between the settings and regions in this book and those in the Elective and Optional units


Digital Resources

Teachers can access the Geography Today 1 interactive e-book at www.edcolearning.ie, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • Editable PowerPoint summaries
  • Animations to bring key diagrams from the textbook to life
  • Stimulating videos covering a variety of different topics.


FREE e-book

  • Students and teachers can download their free Geography Today 1 e-book by visiting www.edcolearning.ie/code and entering the code from inside the front cover of the textbook.