February 16, 2018

The Package

Geography Today 1, 2 and 3 have been written by a highly experienced, bestselling author team.

The package covers all of the content prescribed for the three Core Units, the Electives and the Options of the Leaving Certificate Geography syllabus.

The Geography Today package for each book includes:

  • A Student Textbook
  • A free Student e-Book
  • A Teacher's Resource Book
  • Free Digital Resources

Geography Today comprehensively covers the Electives and Options of the Leaving Certificate course in two separate books, allowing students and teachers to make choices within the syllabus:

  • Book 1: Three Core Units
  • Book 2: Elective 4 (Economic Activities), Options 6 (Global Interdependence) and 7 (Geoecology)
  • Book 3: Elective S (The Human Environment), Options 7 (Geoecology), 8 (Culture and Identity) and 9 (The Atmosphere-Ocean Environment)

Teacher's Resource Book

Provides everything you will need to plan and teach the Leaving Certificate Geography syllabus