February 16, 2018

Geography Today 2 and 3

A new, exciting and up-to-date package for Leaving Certificate Geography:

  • Ideal for both Higher and Ordinary Level students, using accessible, straightforward language
  • Learning objectives and keywords are highlighted at the beginning of each chapter
  • This is the only series to provide teaching material for the Geographic Investigation and Skills Unit and all four syllabus Options
  • Attractively designed with a student-friendly layout, both books are packed with illustrations, photographs, tables,¬†diagrams, charts, OSi maps and satellite images
  • Each book has a chapter on actual OSi maps and aerial photos that were used in past Leaving Certificate¬†examinations and includes guides to answering the questions
  • New and up-to-date case studies and statistics on Ireland and the world have a central focus on sustainability and the fragility of the planet
  • There is a strong emphasis on examination skills and geographic skills
  • Exam questions for Ordinary and Higher Level are provided at the end of each chapter to consolidate the learning process
  • Additional questions and activities are placed throughout the text to facilitate reflection, class discussion, revision and homework
  • Geofacts, activities, definitions and questions help to engage students
  • Clear and concise definitions of key terms are provided
  • End-of-chapter summary charts facilitate revision
  • The authors were very conscious of the use of Significant Relevant Points (SRPs) in the presentation of information throughout the text